PSAT Counseling in Education LLC  has deeply commitment to serve the multicultural community around Central Florida. To achieve this mission by establishing partnership with non-profit organizations, community leaders, private companies, government and diplomatic representatives in Central Florida.

Educational Counseling - Consulate of Mexico, Orlando

PSAT Counseling in Education LLC provides non-profit services of Counseling in Education to the Mexican community by : promoting student development, life skills management, decision-making process, time-management and DACA educational opportunities, career path, etc.

Bi-national Week of Education -  Consulate of Mexico, Orlando

PSAT Counseling in Education LLC  participates as a partner in Education  with the mission to promote multicultural student developments, DACA scholarships, life skills management for Millennials and Homelanders.


Bi-national Week of Health -  Consulate of Mexico, Orlando

PSAT Counseling in Education LLC participates as a partner to promote the importance of mental health in the adolescent by presenting workshops about "How to prevent suicide in adolescent", "Cyberbullying", "Stress and Anxiety in Homelanders Generation".

DACA Clinic -  Consulate of Mexico, Orlando

PSAT Counseling in Education LLC participates as a partner of Protection Department to present educational opportunities to DACA students, establishing new college criteria for college admission, scholarships and application forms for DACA renewal process.

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Workshops & Presentations -  Consulate of Mexico, Orlando

PSAT Counseling in Education LLC provides workshops and presentations for multicultural mexican population as : 

  • Educational Student Development

  • Millennials and Homelanders the new educational challenges.

  • Strategies for students achievements.

  • College and Career Path

  • College opportunities for : Citizens, Residents, DACA & NON - DACA students

Month of Arts, Music & Literature  -  Consulate of Colombia Orlando

PSAT Counseling in Education LLC was invited to present famous Chilean writers as, Gabriela Mistral,  Pablo Neruda, Vicente Huidobro, Nicanor Parra, Isabel Allende and Chilean folklore.